Custom Sales Training Services

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A successful company sales effort requires training on many critical issues that are key to conveying your compelling value proposition to prospective Clients.

Based on your needs we will structure single or multiple

training sessions to focus on areas in need of

improvement.  A free Sales Team Survey is available,

designed to get graded feedback from your Team on

where help is needed - from the company’s offering,

to the selling system, to their own personal skill sets,

and more...

Custom Sales Team Training:

Client Testimonial:

“I learned more today than I have in any other training session.  I’m not numbers oriented, but now I know how the HR I do can impact the profitability of our Clients.”

Jill Gardner, SPHR

Director of HR

Service Team Value-Communication Training:

If your Service Team, as excellent as they are, is stuck

in a “what we do” focus, rather than a “why we impact

our Client’s profits” focus, your company may be missing

out on a huge revenue generator - ongoing Client referrals!  Often mistakenly left solely to the Sales Team to pursue, your Service Team touches your Clients daily and is in the best position to earn referrals.

This value communication dilemma also increases your chances of losing Clients when a competitor knocks on their door.

Put your Service Team through our ‘Business 101’ and ‘HR Value’ training modules to teach and/or remind them why what they do is so important to your Clients.

Topics For Consideration May Include, But Are Not Limited To:

Consultative Sales Principles and Skills:

Prospecting;  Marketing;  Networking;  Asking Questions;

Teaching Value;  “How” Selling versus “Why” Selling;

“Cold” Calls versus “Warm” Calls;  Overcoming Objections;

Earning ‘Trusted Advisor’ status versus ‘Vendor’ status;

Why People Buy / Change; the “Elevator Pitch”;

The Complexities of The HR Sale; Generating Referrals;

Effective Written Correspondence;

Asking Why? Why? Why? Both Up & Down the HR Value Chain;

and more…

Business 101:

Revenue;  Gross Profit;  P&L Principles;  Net Profit; Return on Investment (ROI) Principals; Business Valuations; Metrics

HR Value Principles:

“Assessments” versus “Audits”;  Strategies vs Tactics vs Functions; How to Support 7 P&L Strategies with 7 HR Strategies, 11 HR Tactics, and Numerous HR Functions;  Quantification of HR’s Value;  “How” Selling versus “Why” Selling

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