HR Time Savings Estimate Software

Sales Approach Training / Product Instructions

Hardcopy documents:

1. Quik-Start – download and summary overview (4 page PDF, 11/20/12)

2. Fully written out Instructions  / Training / Scripts (14 page PDF, 11/20/12)

3. Implementation Checklist (1 page PDF, 11/20/12)

On-line trainings (flash):

4. Initial Meeting Quantified HR Time Saving Overview – 4 Sales Sheets; 4 minute overview to encourage an assessment of this area

a. Uninterrupted “script” (no training explanation) (4 min)

b. With purpose and explanation for each Sales Sheet and part of the approach (10 min)

5. “Leveraging Administrative Time” theory by giving it to Revenue Driving and Profit “Margin Impacter” employees (4 min)

6. Prospect’s Detailed Employment Profile Assessment - IF they want a company-specific quantified HR Time Savings assessment, here’s how you collect the data (4 min).  Remember, you can’t force them to do it, but for those that participate, the value aspect of Recovered Time will be significantly elevated.

Need to communicate your other Business-Impact Value better, rather than just Quantified HR Time Savings?  For a small investment, consider upgrading to the full HRO Business Value Sales Software.  (HROBVSS Info page)

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