HRO Business-Value Sales Approach and Software

Sales Approach Training    and    Software Instructions

  Software Functionality  (Sales approach and theory trainings are in 2nd section below.)

1. Quik-Start download and tool summary overview (1 page PDF, 10/1/13)

2. Customization and Implementation Checklist (1 page PDF, 11/21/12)

3. How to Download and Install the HROBVSS  2m12s video

4. Folder and File structure for Sales Sheets and new Prospects

1 page PDF illustration

Create a New Client folder  2m25s video

5. “Map” of all “Sales Sheets”, “Worksheets”, and “Proposal Sheets” available

6.  Creating all “Sales Sheets” (This is just how to functionally create the sheets/tools with the software.  Training on how to use them to sell - talk tracks, scripts, etc - come later.   28m13s total)

First, create a “Sales Sheet Template Folder”  3m21s video

HR Outsourcing Value Pyramid 1m13s video

1 page, TOTAL Value illustration  

What We Do - Save Time and Save Money focus  1m6s video

Prevent the “It doesn’t take me any time to do that.” Objection

HR Time Savings Range Graph   5m42s video

Show a credible, quantified substantive amount of time the Prospect may recover

Client’s Time Profile Questions page  42s video

17 very basic, “make sense” questions that drive a company’s Employment Time requirements

Case Study* - example completed HR Time Savings Estimate  3m50s video

Teach with it, and get the prospect to want an analysis for their own company

WHY We Do What We Do - 5 other Business-Impact Value areas  1m8s video

Shows exactly how your unique offering may affect each critical business area

7 Advantage Summary Page   3m26s video

6 “Tiered” Value Pages  2m17s video

Styled for use in a pocket folder

Case Study* - example Employment Report Card / Dashboard  2m10s video

Shows a “gap-analysis” where problems or weaknesses in a Prospect’s Employment Profile may exist, and to get them to want an analysis for their own company

Employment Profile Survey Form  1m20s video

Visual of all “Sales Sheets” in the Sales Sheet Template Folder  1m58s video

(* The Power of using “Case Studies”:  Case Studies, which are examples of custom business reports you can generate on issues like Time Savings, an Employment Profile Dashboard / Report Card, what new things a client could access to specifically address their problems like Turnover, or Business Protection, etc. are extremely effective tools to teach from, and if you offer the prospect their own custom analysis, they will receive something of value, which makes them more inclined to share more information with you.)

7. Documentation of a Prospect’s Employment Profile

*** If the Prospective Client will not document their Employment Profile for you,

 then NO HR Time Savings Estimate or custom Business-Impact reports

 can be created for them! ***

  HRO/PEO Business-Impact Value Sales Approach & Theory Trainings.

22 HRO “Value Communication” Problems  13m video

An overview of why the HRO sale (includes PEO, ASO, ESO, EMS, etc) is so challenging, and the “theory” behind how this approach and tool will fix much of it for you

Full Business-Impact Sales Approach and Conceptual Overview  32m video

Full Instructions, Screenshots, Talk-tracks, Training, etc.   32 page PDF, 11/21/12

Sales Process “Flow” 1 page PDF, 8/24/12

How “Sales Sheets”, “Worksheets” and “Proposal Sheets” flow with the sales process

When to use the approach  1 page PDF

6 different Prospect sizes and sophistication levels

Initial Meeting Value Presentation – Business-Impact Value Overview options that are intended to stimulate discussion/discovery at the highest level possible

4 minute (short) Value Overview  8m video

Using theHR Outsourcing Value Pyramid and 6 tiered Value Sheets in a pocket folder

8 minute (detailed) Value Overview using 7 other “Sales Sheets”:

Uninterrupted “script” (no training explanation)  8m video

With purpose and explanation for each Sales Sheet and part of the approach 20m video

Leveraging Administrative Time”   4m video

The theory behind giving Recovered Administrative Time to Revenue Driving and Profit “Margin Impacter” employees

Offering (the Prospect) Custom Proposal options   3m video

In other words, “In order get something of value from me, Mr. Prospect, here’s what you need to give me.  If you don’t, then all you get is boilerplate stuff.”

The ‘Next Steps’ document shown in the flash video above is not produced by the HROBVSS.  You can download an editable copy here.

Proposal Presentation  9m17s video

What a custom, prospect-specific, non-boilerplate, value-impact-focused Proposal would “look like” and “sound like” as it was presented to a business owner

  Other Valuable Ideas  

Teaching / Explaining / Selling Co-Employment

The HROBVSS is completely “delivery platform neutral”!!!  But IF co-employment is a significant part of your offering, here’s a few ideas on how to explain the “mechanics” in a very non-threatening way and with high focus on Business Impact Value received.  4m video

(If you’d like to purchase this example presentation in editable PowerPoint format so you can brand it and use it along with the HROBVSS, it is available, along with its written out script and editable “handout” pictured for $49.    Click here to purchase.)

Other “Sales Sheets”

Process plus Value Illustration  (Word doc that you can further customize and brand for your company)   Preview     Download

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