Employee Lifecycle Value Sales Software (ELCVSS)

Sales Approach Training and

Product Instructions

1. Quik-Start – (1 page PDF)

2. Implementation Checklist (1 page PDF)

3. ”ELC Theory” Video - overview of how the things in your Service Offering help a Client improve all 11 parts of the Employee Lifecycle in their company (3 min)

4. ELCVSS Value Sales Process “Flow” - video illustrating the “end goal” and all the “pieces” in the process and tool to help you get there (4 min)

5. Value Introduction Presentation Video - suggested 4 minute introduction presentation to a prospective client.  Designed to get them wanting to talk about they handle all the parts of the Employee Lifecycle to help find things that need fixing, or areas that could be improved that would help their business.

6. Introduction Presentation Script - fully written out, 1 page PDF

7. Instructions Video for creating the following: (35 min)

Sales Sheets

Employee Lifecycle Value Pyramid

What We Do - Shows ALL Tasks With TIME and MONEY Focus

Time Savings Range Graph

11 Tiered Employee Lifecycle Impact pages (and alternative Total Services Page)

Time Profile Questions Page


Employment Profile Survey - completion and inputting into software

Time Profile Questions Page - completion and inputting into software

Custom Proposal Sheets (and “Case Study” Sheets to use at the front end)

HR Time Savings Estimate

HR Hard Costs Worksheet

Employment Profile Report Card / Dashboard

Overall NEW Services Value Illustration

Functional Services Comparison

8. “Leveraging Administrative Time” theory by giving it to Revenue Driving and Profit “Margin Impacter” employees (4 min)

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