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The PEO space has changed dramatically since its inception in the early 1980s.

Now more commonly referred to as HR Outsourcing or HRO services, the models include

PEO, ASO (some call this HRO), EMS, ESO, and others.  While extremely valuable to

small-to-mid sized businesses that lack the internal expertise of qualified HR professionals,

it’s also very challenging to convey and sell all the possible value to business owners.

  PEO Consulting Group is dedicated to help change that!

Online PEO Value Illustration Offering Details:

  • Your PEO/HRO branded pages (there’s 3 – a quik-profile page, a pre-populated detailed example, and a ‘start fresh’ page)
  • Single page interaction for your site visitor
  • No “stacked” questions or long lists
  • “Live” visual results updating as inputs are changed
  • Nothing they need to "look up"
  • Typically takes 1 minute to complete 8 questions (folks tend to ballpark the numbers quickly)
  • Your custom desired “pre-populated value example” landing page
  • Site visitor receives an acknowledgement email of their Consultation Request
  • You receive an email with all the visitor’s data points
  • Inexpensive subscription vs you spending several thousand upfront to have one developed on your own
  • $295 one-time setup and customization fee; $29/mo (1 year subscription)

Free Online Interactive Value Training

Click around this page to gain insight into aspects of value your PEO provides that you may have never thought of before.

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